My name is Lynnette Casazza. I am the owner of Mama C’s Gluten Free Goodies. I started my gluten
free baking adventure in 2009, when my oldest son was diagnosed with Celiac disease. My youngest
son was diagnosed with Celiac a few years later in 2013, and this is when I also went gluten free. I have
not gone through the testing to be diagnosed, but after learning so much about it through research for
my sons I knew I needed to go gluten free as well. I could look back over my life and very clearly see the
connection. This started me on the path to making gluten free food that the whole family would love,
whether gluten free or not.
I have always loved to bake so it was a natural thing for me to start figuring out how to bake gluten
free. Through endless trials, failures, successes, adaptations of different recipes I knew I was on to
something I needed to share with others. I was tired of wasting money on gluten free foods that ended
up in the trash because they were so bad, and I knew others had to be fed up with that as well. So, in
2014 I began to put together ideas, recipes, and a plan. In 2015 I began my business venture and
brought my product to New Harvest Farmers’ Market. Within a few weeks, I knew this was going to be a
I am so pleased to be able to offer tasty baked goods to those who have Celiac disease, a wheat allergy,
or just have chosen to be glute free. There is nothing more satisfying then to see the smile on the face
of a new customer tasting my goods for the first time. It makes all the hard work worth it.